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Our story

We're all about taking glorious plants and transforming them into powerhouse proteins that make you feel like a superhero, inside and out. Our vegan trailblazers, Mike & Sadrah, weren't down for trashing the planet just to fill their bellies. And th

Mission and Values

We believe that we don't need to eff up the planet to feed ourselves and we shouldn't have to compromise great taste for healthy ingredients. So we created crazy delicious Plant Meats that are healthy enough to make a daily habit out of - using nothi

Plastic Negative? What's that?

OUR PLASTIC NEGATIVE PROMISE: For every bag of plastic in our packages, we remove the equivalent of TWO bags from natural ecosystems!. This is plastic that would otherwise be landfilled, burned, or flushed into waterways and oceans. (Yuck.) This cert


No Evil Foods is popping up in stores around the country. But hey, if you're all about that stay-at-home life (no judgment here), get ready for the ultimate convenience – order from home and let our Plant Meat come to you. It's like having a food gen

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