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Our storyUpdated 10 months ago

Our Story

Why ‘No Evil Foods’? It’s simple AF*

We're all about taking glorious plants and transforming them into powerhouse proteins that make you feel like a superhero, inside and out.

Our vegan trailblazers, Mike & Sadrah, weren't down for trashing the planet just to fill their bellies. And they sure as hell weren't settling for food that sacrificed their health. When they dissected the plant-based meats they were gobbling up, a light bulb flashed: bridge the gap between taste and nutrition - and make it killer.

They kicked things off in 2014 by waking before sunrise to haul massive coolers of handmade Plant Meat to their vegan 'butcher shop' at farmers' markets in the heart of North Carolina's 'BBQ Belt'. Fast-forward – the crowd went wild and No Evil Foods began dishing out their mind-blowing, simple AF Plant Meat from coast to coast.

Our Plant Meats? They're the legacy of culinary awesomeness, steeped in tradition and woven with real foods that bring us together for damn good meals. It's time to shatter the processed norms and embrace the kickass power of real food that transforms lives – *animal-free, always. 


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