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Need a hand? We're here to make your day better (and more delicious). Reach out with all your burning questions and unquenched desires. We'll do our best to 

Retail or Food Service Sales

We know the stereotype...crumbly tofu, tasteless tempeh, vegan proteins that completely disappear in a dish; we get why some chefs think, "vegan food sucks!" We ain't that. We make our proteins with a sense of pride and tradition that equals the taste customers clamor for. 

Bring us into your restaurant and let us guide your culinary team to create recipes to rave about. 

Retailers? You should know that 60% of total U.S. households are purchasing plant-based foods, and 80% of households are repeating their purchases. Your customers need us in their lives. Shoot us a note and we'll come up with a promo program that will wow you. 

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