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Got questions about No Evil Foods ingredients or allergens? We've got answers!


Our 100% vegan meats are crafted from ingredients you can actually say without stumbling. We've concocted a damn delicious blend of grains and legumes, packing a punch of essential amino acids with a high-protein density that ranges from 18 to 30g pe

Allergy information

We're all about keeping it real – and that means honesty about allergies too. As of now, we've got a wheat and soy party going on in our products. So, if allergies are giving you a hard time, it might be a bumpy ride. But hey, who knows what the futu

I'm an athlete. Does No Evil Foods have enough protein for me?

Absolutely. Our Plant Meats have some of the best macros around with up to 30g of protein a serving. They're not loaded with fat or carbs either. SCORE!

Ok, but what is No Evil Foods made from?

Our meats are 100% vegan and made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. We use a kick-ass blend of grains and legumes to provide all the essential amino acids with a high-protein density of 18-30g per serving. Our core line of Plant Meat conta

Where can I find recipes using No Evil Foods?

Searching for recipes and ways to cook with No Evil Foods plant-based meats? We got you? Click the link to our recipe page.

Can No Evil Foods be frozen?

Heck yeah they can. We vacuum-pack our meats for optimum freshness and easy storage. So stock up and pop those bad boys in the freezer. You can keep No Evil Foods frozen for 12 months, but we have a feeling you’ll polish them off well before then!

What is the date stamped on the outside of No Evil Foods boxes?

That’s our ‘Best By’ date! This date lets you know when our meats are at their optimum freshness and retain their best physical and/or sensory quality (hubba hubba). It is not an expiration date or an indication of safety, but rather a guide to when

Is No Evil Foods' Pit Boss made with jackfruit?

No. Though jackfruit often gets the barbecue treatment in the culinary world, No Evil Foods makes its BBQ from scratch, not fruit. It's made with high-protein wheat flour, chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, and spices before it is shredded, sauced, a

Can I mix and match Plant Meats when ordering/subscribing?

That's a big YES> You can customers your order in include a little of everything or all of the variety you love best. Boost your pantry while keeping your carbon missions low? Yes, please.

Why should I eat fake meat?

No Evil Foods Plant Meat is the real deal - all the flavor and texture you craxe, without any of the sketchy ingredients or health impacts you don't want. Our plant-based meats are free from cholesterol, low in saturated fat, non-GMO, and made withou

Will my family like No Evil Foods?

Hell yeah they will! And better yet, if you don't tell them. they may not even know that they're noshing protein made entirely from plants. We work hard to make sure our Plant Meat his the mark on flavor and texture. Out motto: if it tastes good, peo

Can I compost No Evil Foods packaging? Is it environmentally friendly?

We recently gave our packaging an eco-friendly glow-up. It might look flashy, but it's more sustainable than ever. Our new packaging is printed with 100% renewable wind-power and uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Counsel) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Init

What can I make with No Evil Foods Plant Meat?

You can yse our Plant Meats in any recipe that calls for meat. Hey, you could even add it to recipes that don't! There's no need to throw away traditional favorites just because you're cooking plant-based. Cook up your tried and true recipes or explo

How do I cook No Evil Foods?

All of our Plant Meats are already fully cooked so they're a snap to use at home. All you have to do is reheat & eat! Poor impulse control? Eat them right out of the package, you savage. Or if you're feeling civilized, they're freaking delicious pan