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IngredientsUpdated a year ago

What is No Evil Foods made from?

Our 100% vegan meats are crafted from ingredients you can actually say without stumbling. We've concocted a damn delicious blend of grains and legumes, packing a punch of essential amino acids with a high-protein density that ranges from 18 to 30g per serving. Our Plant Meat lineup is all about trust – think wheat, tomatoes, kidney beans, and chickpea flour.

Our flavors? They're the real deal, charged with actual herbs and spices, free from junk like high saturated fat, protein isolates, carrageenan, maltodextrose, disodium inosinate, or methylcellulose found in other meatless products. 🌱💥🍔

Is No Evil Foods vegan?

Hell yeah, we do! Every product we make carries the Certified Plant Based seal – no animal nonsense allowed here. And guess what? Our founders are vegans too, so you can trust that they're not messing around when it comes to crafting products that align with the plant-powered lifestyle. They get it because they live it – no compromises, just pure plant-fueled awesomeness. 🌱🔥🌿

Is No Evil Foods Gluten Free?

No dice on the gluten-free range right now. But mark your calendar for 2024 because we're dropping a bombshell – a product without the wheaty stuff. We're all about giving you options that kick ass. Get ready to indulge in a whole new flavor of freedom! 🌾🙅‍♂️💥

Is No Evil Foods Kosher/Halal Certified?

We're not there just yet but hang tight because we've got big plans. We're all about making our products inclusive and diverse. We'll be sure to make a big scene when we get these certs under our wing. 🕊️🌟

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