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Plant Points Reward & Referral Program

Get awesome rewards, cool perks, and cash back for ordering No Evil Foods online.

Ways to earn: how do I earn points?

You can earn points in the 'ways to earn' section of our loyalty panel. The social media (Like on Facebook, Follow on Instagram, etc) and birthday earning actions need to be taken by clicking directly on the panel. Points for creating an account (sig

Ways to redeem: How do I spend points?

You can spend points under the 'ways to redeem' section of your loyalty panel. Here you will find the amount of points you need to claim/get a reward/discount. Please make sure that you are logged into the rewards panel before redeeming your points.

How do I apply a previously redeemed reward?

When you redeem a reward, your points are immediately exchanged for the reward. But, you don't need to use the reward immediately. If you choose not to use the reward, it will be saved in your panel under Your rewards. To use a previously redeemed re

How to log in to Plant Points

If you open the panel and see a 'Join Us' button and a 'Sign in' you must log in with the account log in method. Here's how:. Click the 'Join Us!' if you don't have an account yet, or click 'Sign in' if you already have an account. This will direct y

How do I refer a friend?

Through the loyalty panel, you can share your referral link via Facebook, Twitter and/or email directly a friend. You can also share it by copying and pasting the referral link in other social media platforms, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.Once your friend clic

Why isn't my reward working at checkout?

Currently you can only use one coupon at checkout. Using multiple coupons is not permitted. Sometimes store discounts on an item can affect coupon use. If the checkout rejects your coupon with a sale item, you will need to reach out us and see if we

How do I earn birthday points?

You will need to log into our website to enter your birthday date in the loyalty panel under the 'ways to earn' section. This cannot be added by our customer support team. Once that's entered, you will be rewarded with points on your next birthday. N