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How do you keep No Evil Foods fresh during shipping?Updated a year ago

How do you keep No Evil Foods fresh during shipping?

We're not just shipping food, but an experience – that's why keeping things fresh is our jam! Our master plan? Rocking insulated shippers that wrap your goodies like a snug winter coat. But wait, there's more! We're packing an ice-cool squad of dry ice or ice packs, making sure your grub arrives as if it just waltzed out of our kitchen. It's like a chilly symphony of magic and packaging prowess, ensuring each bite is as awesome as you'd expect. Get ready, because your taste buds are in for a wild ride – and they'll totally give us a high-five for the VIP treatment! ❄️📦🍔

Remember that our products do not need to be kept frozen and are intended to arrived in a thawed but cool state. Once you record the grand unboxing for your favorite socials, either pop the Plant Meats in the fridge or store in the freezer. 

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