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Changes & cancellationsUpdated a year ago

Can I change my order?

Sure thing! When it comes to making changes to your orders, we've got you. But, it will depend on a few crucial factors. Here's the scoop:

Before Payment: Flexibility is your friend! You can typically tweak your order before you seal the deal with payment. Whether it's adding, subtracting, or shuffling items around, it's your prerogative.

After Payment but Before Fulfillment: Life's all about surprises, right? If need to make a change after paying but before your goodies set sail, it's best to reach out to our trusty team.

After Fulfillment: Once your Plant Meat has been packed and sent, the plot thickens. Making changes gets a tad trickier at this point. If you're in this situation, our policies will be your guide. Depending on the rules of the game, you might need to dance the return-exchange tango.

And now for the grand finale of wisdom...

Customer Accounts: Have you created one? Go on, give yourself the VIP treatment! Creating a customer account doesn't just unlock the order-change magic, but it also lets you track your order's journey from the cart to the doorstep. Don't know how to access your Customer Account? Head to No Evil Foods and hit the little peg-person icon in the upper right corner 😉 

Support Team: Need an order makeover? Our customer support channels are your lifeline. Drop us a message, a chat, or an email to get the ball rolling. 🛍️✨

Can I cancel my order?

Sure thing, you can cancel your delicious Plant Meat order – because who needs more flavor in their life, right? 😂 Just kidding! If you ever decide to cancel your order, no hard feelings! Life's full of twists, and we're here to make your choices as smooth as our plant-based game. Just give our support team a shout, and we'll handle it like pros! Just remember, timing is key, so don't wait too long to let us know! 🌱🥩🚫

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